Outdoor lighting tips that can reduce your energy costs during spring and summer gatherings

Spring and summer party season is finally here, which means you’re bound to break out your new Gerhards appliance and do a bit of grilling on your patio. Since you want your parties to last long into the evening, adding outdoor lighting to this space is essential. However, these devices can run up your utility bill very quickly if you’re not careful.
To ensure that you’re making the least impact on the environment and limiting your energy costs, start by lining your pathways to your front door and patio areas with solar lights. These devices will charge throughout the day and provide warm illumination in the evenings when you need it most.
String lighting and other overhead fixtures are wonderful additions, but incandescents and compact fluorescents still use an excessive amount of energy. LED spotlights and other forms of ambient lighting are ideal and will last far longer than traditional bulbs, which translates to less bulb replacement costs during the season.
Being an outdoor entertainer during the spring and summer can get expensive, but if you pursue a few of these energy-efficient designs, your monthly costs should decrease dramatically.